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Charles Waples: from Comedian to Innovation Delivery Manager

Social media handle(s): @scribeslikeus (Instagram), scribeslike us (Facebook)

A few words about me:

I'm a former comedian on the 90's comedy circuit, script writer, comic artist and storyboard artist in the UK and US.

I started as a comedian writing for Lilly Savage, John Thomson, Steve Coogan and Caroline Aherne, doing the TV and film writing and production.

In that time I have had a graphic novel and written for BBC, ITV, Channel 4.

Are there any professional experiences you've had that are quite unexpected compared to what you do nowadays?

Comedy, graphic scribing and facilitation and working in LA on films, as well as working in collaboration and innovation spaces for the big four global consultancies including pwc, KPMG and Accenture.

Is your background more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) or non-STEM related?

Non-STEM - my background is in the arts, ideas and facilitation.

Where did your professional journey start?

It began when I fused performance into facilitation and my graphic work into process used to accelerate change and innovation.

How did you get into tech and what motivated you?

I moved from creative contributions to collaborative environments which hinged into bringing these ideas to bare on creative immersive programmes at Digital Catapult where I now work as an Innovation Delivery Manager.

Have you experienced any 'career in tech' challenges / stereotypes?

Yes, related to the fact that technology isn't all serious and that the more seemingly frivolous elements of for example gaming are now leading the way in terms of the meta verse and beyond.

Scribing, presenting and collaborating in the tech world

"Follow your nose and be yourself."

What you wish you knew before getting started in tech...

How to wear and use immersive technology, such as oculus.

What has been your biggest 'wow!' moment related to working in tech so far?

Delivering a programme for young people, Samsung's Solve for Tomorrow, designed for 18-24 year olds and providing an atmosphere in which these societal based solutions should be enhanced and rewarded.

What do you like / not like about working in tech?

Sometimes the pace isn't as fast as you'd like but we are getting there.

"... I fused performance into facilitation and my graphic work into process used to accelerate change and innovation."

What's been your favourite / most memorable / funniest 'career in tech' moment so far?

I giggled whilst capturing live comments in a scribe for the then Minister of Technology doing a collaborative event much to the delight of the audience, not so much the minister.

And to wrap up, is there any advice you'd like to give to others interested in a career in tech?

Follow your nose and be yourself.


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