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Career Path Stories from People in Tech




At (Extra)ordinary Tech Stories, we're on a mission (possible) to share stories of 500 people with diverse personal and professional backgrounds about their careers in tech. 




Well... we continue to come across stereotypes about careers in tech way too often to our liking. You know, the unsociable geeky boys in hoodies or STEM degree must-have software and data people kind of stories. (We'll include those too, of course, but not exclusively!)


We aspire to tackle these stereotypes by showing who the 'real' people in tech are (rather than what we often see and/or assume) and how (extra)ordinary their career paths can be. 

We want to show the world that anyone can build and have a unique, successful and rewarding career in tech regardless of their background, experience or interests.


We believe that by giving voice to people like us to share their journeys, we can help inspire others.


And in doing so, we strive to attract more diverse talent to work in tech and to make the tech industry more inclusive. 

Support our mission today by sharing your story!


It's simple... just get in touch with us using the contact form below and we'll be happy to share a link to our submission form with you.

Or use the form below to reach out to us to explore how we could partner up.

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